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We run a number of adult courses throughout the year.  

Beginners is an excellent 7 week course providing an introduction to tennis, ideal for those who are new to tennis or who have never received any coaching. You will learn the basic techniques of forehands, backhands, volleys & serves as well as the basic tactics of singles and doubles.

Improvers also runs over 7 weeks and is ideal for those who are moving on from beginners or for people who have previously received coaching but have not played in a while. You will continue to improve your technique and tactics.

Intermediate is a 10 week course offering technical and tactical coaching to those players moving on from Improvers and for those who have had previous coaching or played for a club in a local league. Within the session there will be a mixture of drills and points play with an end of session doubles match.

Click below to see when our next courses start on a Monday and Thursday.

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